Alt mod does not work correctly

Good time to all of you, please help me, I have such a problem, when I press the right button on the keyboard Alt, then I have an Alt Mod and a Shift Mod, when I press the left Alt button on the keyboard, then I have only an Alt Mod, please help me with advice on how to do so, so that the right Alt button works correctly and does not trigger the Shift Mod. here’s what I have written in the macro

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/castsequence [no pet,nodead] reset=combat Call Pet 1, null
/cast [mod:ctrl] Aspect of the Turtle
/cast [mod:ctrl] Survival of the Fittest
/use [mod:ctrl] Refreshing Healing Potion
/cast [mod:shift,@Player] Exhilaration
/cast [mod:shift,@Player] Fortitude of the Bear
/cast [mod:shift,@Player] Spirit Mend
/cast [mod:alt] Counter Shot

Two possible problems:

1/ fix your keybinds. This is generally the problem 99% of the time when a mod doesn’t work - especially when you add ElvUai to the mix.

2/ you may have a physical keyboard fault or a tailt with AHK/GHub/etc

Hi, i think one answer that you are looking for could be solved in this reply from a user like 3 years ago. I think you need to specify which modifier key you are pressing. That being said, you need to specify if its the left alt key or the right. Ive never used this information myself but I hope it proves useful to you.

thank you for your help, I will try your hint