Altered Havoc DH - Tweaked 1/23/24

OK let me give the initial credit to @Elfyau and @NoobSlayer for both of their respective builds.

I took each of their builds and compared them to what I was already running and found a few tweaks that improved on my own and got me closer to my sims.

The sim showed I should be doing 70k single target and 160k AOE in a 5 min span no buffs

After tweaking the rotation ever so slightly and fine-tuning it for my playstyle and the fact that I do not have a 2 or 4 pc set. three hours later I was able to get to 70k dps and sustain at 63k and push to 256k aoe and sustain at 164k. All I believe is good.

My Ilvl is 428, I am running the macro @150ms
Alt: Chaos Nova
Shift: Metamorphosis

The thing is both of the other macros didn’t cast enough Blade Dance/Death Sweep and Chaos Strike/Annihilation according to the dozen sims I ran and with the tweaks, they are typically in the top two of my casts. I am also not experiencing any downtime.

I chose to utilize Methods and Wow Heads for comparison talents and Wowhead suggested taking Serrated Glaive for Solo and 1-3 targets and only swapping it with Ragefire for Aoe.

When I ran the tests. On single target, I did notice more DPS on Throw Glaive but not a big change to Chaos Strike. But taking Serrated Glave and doing Aoe for Mythics where you cant switch was over 40k less DPS on AOE.

When I tested Ragefire on a solo I saw a 2% decline in total DPS sustained and burst for solo and small groups, but saw a 130% increase in AOE in both burst and sustained. So I am opting for one talent for raiding and mythic using Rage fire

Here are my current Talents for M+ and AOE situations in Raids:


XoDonZi - Havoc - OB


Usage Information

ALT:- Chaos Nova
SHIFT:- For Metamorphosis

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.53.


It is consistent, it fared well in testing vs what I use now.
I tested it against your talents and what I use now. In aoe yours was about a 50k dps loss but tbh that can happen from timing and rng. ST dmg was about the same.
I ran to 30m dmg in aoe and 10m dmg in st.
In raid situations I am seeing alot more Annihilation and always at the top, vs soulscar from throw glaive for most macros. (Working to correct that also on my macros)

I have found that 2 different macros has been working for other classes for me. Maybe the case for us using Havoc also.

Overall great job! Keep it up.

Thank you for the hard work.

I am 474 ilvl - not min maxxed for gear or trinkets.

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Works great ill add some dungeon data later in the week Thanks

May i ask in game latency

I have really low latency usually sits around 30ms even in crowded areas