annoying spell error sounds since yesterdays update

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone else is getting annoying spell error sounds while your macros are running since yesterdays patch update? also there is now a tick tick ticking as they run. It would be a great help if anyone can give any help or idea whats going on.

Hey Rob, yesterday i also noticed this anoying sound every 2 or 3 second. Thats new since 8.1
The last time i noticed this sound was in 2016. I than installed a addon called “Error Sounds Be Gone!”. It was outdatet but helped me!
I will definetly try it out if it still works. If not we may have someone here that could fix / update it this addon (?)
If you want to check it out, be sure to uncheck “dont use outdated addons” in WoW. You need to install it manual (not via curse client).


Ok, i did checked it out. There is no need to update, it just replace the annoying sounds. Unfortunately i cant get it to work / find the right folder.
BUT: Open the GSE- Menu - Options - General - scroll down to Game Options and activate Prevent sound errors.
I know… i also didnt had hope this would help, because i have this option activatet in the WoW Menu by default. But it helped…silence :slight_smile:

Just drop the sound folder int he retail folder.

Hey guys,
thanks for the reply’s, ill go and look again. fingers crossed

Just tried dropping the sound folder in retail, and bingo, worked perfectly :smiley: