Anonymous GSE3 PvE Raiding/Mythic+ 9.1 Macro v1

Test this out and tell me what you think. There’s sometimes a slight pause to ensure you get as many Blade Dance’s used as possible. If you want to remove the delay, disable the Blade Dance action above the Demon’s Bite cast sequence.

Edit: I do not incorporate every ability into this macro. Some skills are kept on their own keybind. There are two unused modifiers you can add under KeyPress if you wish.

I run this at 20ms.


u can not run macros under 250 ms any more u will get banned . and ur telling players to run this a 25ms .???

lol really? just about every other macro is way way way under 250ms :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

and there not following the rule . i mean read the post Tim luke posted . there dumasses running it lower .

thanks for the awesome information.

lmao, thanks for the laught of the day, im using all macros on 17 chars at 20 ms for years.

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it used to be ok to run them at 20 or even 60 or even 100 but the new rule of thumb is 250 read around site blizzard changed things and timing . ms had to be changed .its been posted many times under 250 is getting watched by blizzard .

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its cause most marco makers are two lazy to fix there marcos so they just don’t care.

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blizz does not care, if they ban the lazymacro users, they dont have any subs left. plus, as long as u r at ur keyb, can spam all u like.

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Better use macros at 10000ms too be safe :laughing:
irony out

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