Any good macro with good DPS/parse?

anyone know of a WW one that can be at par with parse?

Hello Boomie, so dont take this as trolling or me thinking you dont know about macros.

so be prepared for alot of “this macro is the best” and “but that same macro is the worst” comments.
The macros are made and work beyond good for the creator, but for everybody else, its a coin flip. Someone get one, say Elfyau’s, because there high praise for it. But you get it and it just doesn’t work the way you like. Either its not doing the DPS everybody says or spells are locking up, or whatever. Now you have to go find another macro or if you have the time and paitience, can go through the macro and make changes to make it great for you.
I just wanted to prepare you for the main comments of ppl that truely want to give you a good answer in their opinion. but also let you know there will be some Trolling for asking this question which has been asked about all macros at some point on this site.

On that note, i am currently using 🎐 Chi Master WW - 9.2 - No Chi Starvation - UPDATE 3/17/22 it so far is working the best for me, DPS wise.

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Thanks for the answer @Siodar just want to ask. That macro u are using how is your personal performance in raids? The thing is with ww monk you cant use the same skills in a row. Does it do that?