Any Holy Priest love?

I tried both the other healing classes. H’priest was up to now my favorite class. I have not seen any posts yet. Is the Holy priest lost in this expansion?

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I am currently working on one, did not get it finished quite yet, But hopefully tomorrow if not later in the day today.

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I would love to test out your Holy Priest Macro Brother!

still refining it, not ready yet

Good one brother… take your time :slight_smile:

(almost) Patiently waiting! Thanks, Izzi. I too am looking forwards to testing it.

I had a long day yesterday, got very little done in game, testing the macro still at this moment, details is being a pain, and not on screen. So working through that. Macro will mainly focus on dps spells using healbot/vuhdo to fill the gap in healing. I normally don’t do mouse over healing. I will be adding this to my priest plugin when done. I hope to have it done shortly. I think it is close to finished. So will update soon on my progress. Just wanted to drop in and give an update.

ok holy macro added. Still a work in progress like all my macros.


Izzi, thank you. I will try it out and let you know in the coming days.

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