Any new macro out yet? old ones starting to "underperform"

Im having an issue, seeing in mythic raids i can see other hunters do like way way more dps then me…
Or im doing something wrong, with my setup or they have something better.
It always worked this great, but im getting kinda behind sadly, can anyone help me out?

Check your logs to see how you’re parsing and what you need to improve on. Those other hunters probably aren’t using lazy macros (these aren’t meant to give you top dps, it’s just to get you by). Logs will tell you what you need to edit in your macro, if possible, to give better results. Also, they might have better gear/traits than you.

mabye because that BM is not best hunterspec to play anymore, suv and Mm at ahead on dps, and bm is one of the top buttom overall now


Bro there is so much background information missing from your question as in:

The other hunters you are comparing yourself too :

Whats their and your iLVL ?
Whats azerite are they and you stacking ?
Whats their HOA lvl compared to yours ?
Are they BM spec as well ?
Pet comparison ?

There is a great nifty program called “details” - highly suggested to see the damage of everyone on raids/dungeons …

So many on this forums blame the macro before attempting to do any homework themselves …

Can’t like Mr. Personality’s post enough, as well as the fact that macros are never going to make you top DPS. Manual players that know what they’re doing will always out-perform those that use these sorts of macros. So it’s either enjoy the convenience, or L2P. Personally, being a casual player, I enjoy the convenience.