Any updated macros for 10.2? I will be grateful for your help

I would like to play as a rogue for the first time, and I would like an up-to-date macro for Outlaw or Assassination Rogue

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@John_Lydon you might want to fix this post. you said Hunter instead of rogue. lol

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from what it look like is they are just posting on curseforge and not on here

Who is, m8 ? =)

I am too LF a macro for 10.2 Rogue lol

No clue but you see them on there and I dont know if there is any rogue updates cause I have not seen any yet.

Rogues are gettin annoyingly difficult to make macros in ass and subtlety specs.

Why ?! Damm random combo points and extra combo points.

You should good to go with creating a simple combo builder macro and another one with spender, but hey for me its not a very lazy macro right?! :stuck_out_tongue: