Any working macros?

any working macros? once i import and it goes back to the screen, its blank. no macros listed. and then i go to grab the macro from /macro and it doesnt cycle or anything.

how do we report this to gse makers?

you have to turn on load out of date addons. i think that will make it work. Tim has said something somewhere today about this.

already have that checked


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Moon’s macro works but you need to scroll down their post to a series of picture replies and follow the instructions for it to actually run in GSE.

i think i saw that and my macro isnt showing in the list so i cant edit. its blank.,

i import, now it shows up. but the macro does nothing. then i reload, and the macro is gone from list. blank.

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Mine did the same thing until I chose a spec.

its doing the same for me i dont think any one has a working macro for them

People, all of you need to be min lvl 61-62 for it to choose your spec.


You just need to import the macro, copy the raw edit, Create your own macro and paste the raw edit and it started working for whoever macro I wanted to use

i dont understand. copy the raw edit? is that a button?

go to this guys post. he posted pics on how to do it.

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ty! ill give it a try in a bit