Anybody 8.3 macros?

Is nobody playing MM this Patch. 8.2.5 is the last one posted. i play BM, but like to play MM every so often and like to see a newer macros please.

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Non Humourus response: If there are no changes then there is no need for a new macro.

Humourous response as this gets asked so often I cannot contain my sarcasm: Is it entirely possible that the 8.2.5 one works perfectly in 8.3? Tell me it cant be so. There must have been monumental changes because … Oh wait I thought Shadowlands must have dropped and the class redesigned and I missed it. No it was just a sub patch with more of the same BfA fail goodness.


yeah this was more of a wondering if anybody was working on a update and if they were, who so i can keep an eye out. :slight_smile:
and most of these lock up when i use them, but i rarely play MM since @Asbobunny put their macros out, but still like to go do something fun as a MM.