Anyone else having issues with AHK not working randomly?

Most days it works perfectly but then I will get a day where I have to replace the script that is running by double clicking it again. Then it works for a bit until I change zones via a cutscene or just have a cutscene. I have checked and everything is up to date and I even updated to 2.0 of AHK and it still happens. Game, Computer Script all up to date and it happens on multiple toons when it starts glitching. I have even gone so far as to wipe my entire drive and install fresh copies of everything (major pain).

This is the script I am using for AHK and the only thing that changes is the key used since I use it on 4 keys… 1,2,3 and 4 and when it fails ALL the keys fail!

#IfWinActive, World of Warcraft ;; enabled only in WoW

While GetKeyState(“1”, “P”) {
Send, {Blind}1 ;; blind mode to send modifiers
Sleep, 250

Any ideas? I am disabled and need the keys to play because I only have one working hand.

AHK has a key to stop the script. IN some cases this is CTRL so if you are using that as a mod it might stop AHK. This will be configurable at your end and might be worth looking into

I posted the script and no mod keys in it. AHK doesn’t stop while I’m using it, it just stops FUNCTIONING. Like it is nonexistent. If I reload the script, I can get it to work again until I change toons or change zones.