Anyone has a good Seal twisting Sequence for a Retribution TBC paladin?

I’ve been struggling creating a macro in this addon.

I need something like:
/cast Judgement
/cast Seal of command(rank 1)

The blizzard macro editor, doesnt work that well, it doesnt always reapply the Seal of Command if i use another spell before.

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its because of the Global Cool down.
You cant circumvent the GCD with any addon.

you could use a castsequence, in the normal macro editor, GSE or other macro addon but be aware blizzards castsequence has been hit or miss for some people since BFA (yes were in classic but its a modern client)

example on my pally for my AOE pulls i judge and seal wisdom.
that part of my macro looks like this:

/castsequence reset=combat/target Seal of Wisdom(Rank 3), Judgement, Seal of Wisdom(Rank 3), null

the null (and reset=combat/target) just makes it not restart with the beginning seal unless combat ends or I change target. It then steps into the remainder of my AOR macro in GSE

keeping in mind you need to key press once for every action, and while its on GCD it will not progress to the next, and other things CAN be cast in that time, especially any non GCD abilities/trinkets

he above example would need 4 clicks to complete, all of which outside the GCD. 1 for wisdom, 2 to judge it, 3 to reapply wisdom and click 4 stops that line at ‘null’