Anyone have any decent Tank Monk Macros?


First let me say I love GS, best macro addon in the world.Secondly, let me ask, does anyone have any updated macros for 6.2? I am still using the ones from back when wod dropped ,and it seems as if i cant really hold aggro as well as i once did.Any suggestions/advice? anything at all?If htere are no macros for 6.2 yet , just let me know that , and I will attempt to make one , but honestly I am horrible at it, the one time i tried to edit a macro , it messed up the whole thing , i did fix it eventually but it took almost 33 weeks for me to figure out what i did wrong . than k you for reading this and thank you in advance for any and all help in this matter

I’m not sure if you tried using the ones made by beef wellington or Amanda, but, they usually try to update theirs. I’m using the one from Beef Wellington and seem to be doing fine with the exception of a few occasional dps who wants to nuke the hades out of a mob before i have a chance to control a mob pack. Other than that I’m not sure what you guys can do :D.