anyone that can make ?

Okey so for GS2.
this is the rotation im after:

Riftx1 > Immo>Immo>Conflagx2-3 > CB @5 Shards > CDF > CB @4 Shards > Riftx1 > CB @2/3 Shards > Incin

now how to one go on to make a macro out of this?
cus i dont want it to fire of chaos bolt to often. ( CB ) more then once per “keypress” sp i want CB then Chanel demonfire, then CB then a rift then the third cb. now this way your “rotation” are lined up according to cds. so what does that means for AHK since i dont want it to jump over abilitys.

i keep my lifetap on a seperat botton, since i wanna controll that my self, same with gilmore:imp
talents are for this:
so anyone of you ppl that is good at this wanna give it a try to make a macro out of this? cus i honesly dont know