Anything not working in 7.2?

Just wondering if we were going to get a huge mess with nothing working again in the new patch… I’d be screwed if my macros werent working again :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no idea but i better brace myself for the influx of messages i will get if it does :stuck_out_tongue:

John, Your Macros are top notch and I appreciate all the effort you put into making them.

I have noticed some odd things with mine, it gets stuck and keeps flashing Spell not learned, I removed all spells I do not have but it doesn’t flow smoothly anymore.

Ran through the Broken Shore Scenario with 2.0.14 and also 2.1.0 and had no issues. My macro and rotation needs updating but thats also depending on getting 4 piece (currently at 3) rather than bugs with 7.2

I can use macros already made on my hunter, but can not open the interface to make new macros for my other toons.

I did notice one thing. I’m not sure its add-on related, but on my Demon Hunter, Throw Glaive doesn’t seem to work in a macro format anymore. I don’t know if it just a blizzard bug or not. If anyone has any suggestions, would be great.


Ok none of my macros are working,and can’t open my gse2 interface,
is it just me being a noob,do i need to reinstall gse2 or anything?

many thanks in advance

@Ceanes - Its a blizzard bug. I cant /cast Throw Glaive in a normal macro.

@Alan Gould - Works on my PC without issue. I would suggest that another mod you have need supdating and its breaking GSE.

I havent seen any issue with 7.2 and the macros

Hello All

I cant use this macro
cast [@player] Metamorphosis
on my Havoc DH


my guess is you said no to load out of data addons when you first started the game with 7.2. Just a hunch

I did why is that a problem?


[quote quote=46638]I did why is that a problem?

As GSE is currently marked as for 7.15 although it does work, Blizz will class it as out of date for 7.2 and not load it, therefore just authorise GSE to work as an out of date addon

now i loaded out of date addons, and my macro still dosnt work, it is not gse macros i hawe problems with they seems to work.

it is this macro #showtooltip cast [@player] Metamorphosis wihch dont works.

it stands as being a vengeance spell and not a Havoc spell so the macro wont work.


Throw Glaive

I get this error with all of them. I think the i in their spelling may have been modified by Blizz but its just a theory. I can get Glaive to work in a normal macro if I shift click it, but still not with GSE.

Abilities for Demon Hunters are being screwy atm, ones shared between Vengeance and Havoc require you to switch specs back and forth so that the IDs get clarified on your client. For some reason Bliz can’t distinguish between the two atm.

Nemesis I have no idea, are you using an @ macro for it? My Nemesis works fine but I hit it manually.

Meta, I’m assuming you are using @cursor or @player, both reportedly broken.

Yes i got it working fine,thank you very much, keep up the great work you do for us all :slight_smile:

So… have the macro running, stop, switch spec, run the other macro, switch back and it should work? Checking if I understand right.