Aparenly Fire Heals


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this is my basic Healer macro The reason for revision 3 is to explain the changes I made. This is a mouse over macro I currently set this to key down
The macro will appear to hang up when it hits charged spell but fear not it is not hanging up it is charging to level 2 to min 3 I will explain that when i say 2 to min 3 i mean it goes up to base level 3 not full charge on 3. In this revision i have changed some spells If this macro dose not show up for you please go into gse select all macros to show and reload it should then show after you remove the tick on show all copy the raw data from the macro into a new macro named as you would like compile it and then save it it should work then.

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.20.

This is my talents they may not suit everyone BwbBnWR3R1Z1HmbUKIpvm3XXhjEIHQSACSSIolkkkkAAAAAAwBAJEQSkkkIhQSA

Reason for the two revisions i made are because i have words in places i should not of in the spells list

I actually need to update this macro as I think it is lacking somw things

Please do. I really like this macro. I appreciate the work.


Added some green healing spells Work in progress but I will be updating this more over the weekend. as I would like to optimize the spells and rotation if I can on this

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You’re the man. Thanks.

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Is there anything you would like to see added to this macro ?

Full suggestions and directions on how to get the best use out of it? MS, bar setup, positioning suggestions, can you make it run smoother/faster, is it fully @mouseover and if so how does that work if you don’t use things like Vuhdo or Healbot? You know, give us n00b dragon healers a full rundown, if it’s not toooooo much troubgle? XD


I will do so tonight

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