(Apprentice) is removed

Hi all. Very new to GSE.

I have a macro in WoW, works decent:

/cast [exists,dead] Skinning(Apprentice)

I just can not get it to work in GSE.
When ever I save it, go out, and go back in, it removes (Apprentice). With out it, Skinning doesn’t work.

Is there an option or something I’m over looking?

Please help.

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Same problem here, did you find the solution?

You don’t need the [exists] conditional in there, you’re using an out dated macro format from ~2008-2009. The [dead] conditional has the [exists] conditional baked into it now.

This should work just fine.
If you can skin the target, it will skin, otherwise it won’t.

/cast [dead] Skinning

This would be an easier (imo) macro to use, just hover your mouse over and it’ll skin whatever it sees until there’s nothing left.

/cast [@mouseover,dead] Skinning