Are there any one button macros?

Not to sound like a twit but I’ve spent 3 hrs looking over macros and trying to work with them. Is there noone posting a One button macro that can just be spammed without having to use alt, ctrl etc etc?

I’ve tried looking and I’m not finding it for balance

U didn’t look very hard…it’s the 4th post down by Tiggis. His is 1 button (you handle the big cooldowns yourself on bosses) and it is the best I’ve used here.

I am not sure if this is a english saying or if you are really looking for Balance Druid macros ^^
If you have a second button left / free i would recommend to use it for refreshing DoT´s. With one button only otherwise you would need to gate this DoT´s behind Spells with CD´s. That´s difficult to time.

Ah, Mr. Spitz was there already…so its no english saying ^^
Edit: i took a look at the date…that’s weird, i see new topics popping up, but for seeing the answers i need to log in.