Arena/Skirmishers Tab in GSE Please


There are a currently a dearth of tabs for PVE (M+s, Raids, Heroics, etc) in GSE, but only one for PVP. This is both restrictive and not efficient, as a player is forced to use a macro that is set up for larger groups…but not one-on-one targets. In arenas, this inflexibility translates into less HPS/DPS.

Allow me to elaborate…

I noticed that since there is a distinct difference in the use of spells/abilities that are used in BGs/RBGs (more of the AoE variety) versus that in arenas/skirms (single target) there is a need to have the flexibility to run variants of our macros for both: this would go a long way for healers who use GSE in PVP, where deep healing is more necessary than spread/AoE/splash healing.

For example, MWs would cast Vivify in BGs/Raids/Parties. However, Viv is expensive and an AoE spell and is not needed for healing just 1-2 people in arenas. Casing Effuse in its stead would be more optimal. But with the current GSE structure, I would need to write code that casts both Vivify and Effuse in BGs and in arenas; something that is neither efficient in terms of time nor in mana cost.

So, this brings me back to my subject line request: would it be possible to run a subset of our favorite macros by adding a tab for arenas/skirmishes in GSE?

Thank you…

John Q.

Hi John

Posting this here means that I will see it someday maybe never. If you want something added to GSE and ACTUALLY WANT ME TO THINK ABOUT IT the way to do that is raise an issue on GitHub. Issues · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub

Why there and not here? This site is not mine and is here for the community of macro makers. It covers not just GSE but other things as well. I visit this site when I have some thing to contribute back to the community. I don’t get an alert on what is posted here. As an example you raised this two months ago and I have just seem this now randomly browsing the site.

As to your request its potentially possible. The other tabs exist as they are able to be easily identified from the WOW Api.