Army of One by Urzulus

not sure how to set up the click macro… i use logitech mouse and a razer keyboard but unsure how to set up that part up, ive just been spam clicking 2 and my fingers are dead LOL

You need to download the software dedicated to whatever you want to use, mouse or keyboard.

If it’s Logitech, you want to right click whatever button you want to set the macro for, make a “multi-key” macro, record the keypress, set the time value to either “while pressed” or “toggle” and off you go.

Anyone tried this in mythic/raids? Thinking of levelling a warrior if it works well :slight_smile:

I have not, but as long as you dont auto target the next mob and charge off into oblivion you might be fine :slight_smile:

Warrior will be my next level up


Yes I have two :slight_smile: