I haven’t started a macro post in a while and certainly not using the forum’s new format, so i hope it all goes ok.

I also haven’t played a rogue actively since Legion and making a good macro is a lot harder than what i remember. This is a starter macro for BfA, my rogues (multiple as i multibox) are about iLevel 400, do NOT have the cloak or any neck essences yet. If you do have neck essences, just add the line /cast Heart Essence in the PreMacro bit after the /cast [nocombat] Shadowstep line. My chars sims for about 14k dps and this is what i also got on the 3 boss training dummies in Orgrimmar.

I tried to follow the suggested build and rotation on IcyVeins as much as possible. That build is 2312321 but i couldn’t get that work for my chars, so i took 1312322.

Talents 1312322

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.5.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Shadowstep, Heart Essence, Mutilate

KeyPress: Stealth, Tricks of the Trade

Main Sequence: Garrote, Mutilate, Toxic Blade, Vanish, Envenom, Rupture, Fan of Knives, Vendetta

Updated version 1.1. Have Heart Essence, cloak, 18 corruption. Also changed some things a little. iLevel 429, doing about 24K dps with very high burst. I sim for 28K.

1.0 Can be found here

Looks good on paper will have to test it out for sure but seems like you’ve done your research instead of slinging everything at the wall to see what sticks

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Hope you like it. I made a typo in my build, 2312322 is the one i use.

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Changed my build to 1312322 to get better DPS, updated the first post.

Very impressed with what I used 9 days ago will test this one out was hitting mid 30k after burst with your setup

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Awesome! Please let me know how this goes.

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