Assassination – 5.0

This lazy macro should Mutilate your opponent! There are a few interesting things that this macro will do for you. You are out of combat right? The macro will put you on Stealth mode and won’t get you out of it if you hit it again by mistake. Just put it on your stealth bar and BOOM it will start with Garrote! That’s not all, is also spammable! Hope you guys enjoy it!

In order to use the Dispatch spell, hold a modifier and hit the macro button again.

Don’t forget to use only daggers and apply poisons to them.

/castsequence [stance:1]Garrote;[mod]Dispatch;reset=25 Mutilate,Slice and Dice,null
/castsequence reset=target Mutilate,Mutilate,Rupture,Mutilate,Mutilate,Envenom
/castsequence [combat]Shadowstep,Vendetta
/cast Shadow Blades
/cast [nostance:1]Stealth

I just started playing my rogue again after some mandatory time off due to a surgery, does anyone else have any other macros that they want to share?

I’m using this macro for right now even though I hate using modifiers.

My primary spec has been Combat but just changed my second spec to assassination to try it out.

Great macro, only downside is it locks way to often.

Is there any way you can fix it?

I hate mods so I changed Dispatch from mod to /cast. If put on last line it will not cast Dispatch but if I put it between the two castsequences it casts it once it procs BUT thats where the macro stops.

yup it locks up a lot i’m finding

Sorry guys I have not had time to take a look, I will be able to hopefully next weekend. I’m swarmed this weekend with multiple projects due for this upcoming week.

Sometimes this macro stop work !!??!