Assassination Rox

UPDATE: 1/11/2020

After some more testing and a few more adjustments, here is where I’m at. Really appreciate all the feedback.

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Solo, I like to use level 60 talent Leeching Poison. In groups, especially pushing keys, recommend Cheat Death unless you’re really confident in your group’s abilities.

Heart Essence currently built into macro, easily removed if you want more control over it.

Be sure to set a focus in groups, Tricks of the Trade will auto cast when available.

Kick (interupt) assigned to [Shift] mod.

Spam or auto fire, either works. Auto speed start with your latency plus 100. If its running too fast, getting Kicks off in time to actaully interupt might be harder.

Feedback welcome as always, enjoy!

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.25.

Will be testing this tonight

I’ll be anxious to hear how that goes. I’ve never mained a rogue so i’m not entirely familiar with playing one. This macro took me the longest to sort out and get dialed in. My rogue is in like 385 gear and not really played much. Had to do a lot of research. lol

I’m testing
Good DPS in dummy
I believe the vendeta delay disturbs the macro but I’m too lazy to use it manually.

I’ll do some mitica + to see the dps level if it’s correct and high

Had the same problem thinking about moving it to the pre/post portion of the macro to see if it fixes it

I will also take another look at it and see if I can place it in a better place. By “disturbs the macro” do you mean its a dps loss or actually causes a problem with the rotation?

I went ahead and moved Vendetta to the pre-macro. I definitely noticed a dps jump at the beginning of my test runs on the dummies. While making that change I also thought i could add it to a mod key to be triggered manually easily. I tend to save abilities with 2min+ cd’s for boss fights in dungeons or really big trash pulls that i know are coming up. If you guys think that would be a better option, just let me know and i can make that change as well.

Sounds like that option sounds good on paper… by disturbs for me it would cause a dps loss and some of it would lock up

Usually when a macro “locks up” its because something is on cooldown and not available, this can happen if something gets triggered out of sequence, it throws off the timing. I’ll take a closer look at it later tonight and see if i can fine tune it better.

I’ve spent a few hours this morning testing and reworking the macro and build. Check it out and let me know what you guys think. It feels faster and i noticed a small increase in dps. My rogue is only 395 ilvl and not capable of running M+ yet so i can’t get any “real” testing. Any feedback you guys can keep providing would be awesome! Thank you so much!

Yeah, I have to agree, something is locking this macro up and I think it’s the long cast sequence

Okay, I’ll go back to the drawing board and see if i can’t sort it out. The problem for me is that it runs pretty well on my toon, so i’m not recreating the lock up when i’m running it on the training dummies. Is there any chance you guys can give me some details about whats going on when the lockup occurs? Is it during big trash pulls, boss encounters with a lot of movement, etc?

I’ve tweaked and updated the macro. My rogue is 395 ilvl, ran the macro on the raider’s target dummy in Boralus for roughly 5 minutes, long enough for two Vendetta uses. At the end i averaged 12.6k dps overall according to Details meter. The only time i could notice a stall in the macro was when i didn’t have enough energy for something to trigger. I made some adjustments for that and the last run ran smooth with no stall or lockup. At this point i’m not sure how to recreate the issues you guys are having with that. Give this last update a try and if its still not working I’ll probably just scrap the macro. I wrote it as a favor for a guildie, i generally don’t play my rogue, I just keep him around for unlocking boxes and farming leather armor mogs.

I hope i’ve been able to fix it. Would love for you guys to use the macro and enjoy it. Thanks again for the feedback!

Ok, that seems to have worked, using a target dummy it doesn’t lock up now but seems to autoattack a lot and I seem to have loads of energy left.

My rogue is only 397 ilvl though


@spoony Are you using an auto fire software or are you manually spamming the key?

I use the Logitech software with my G910 keyboard. I found that setting the ms too fast was also causing an issue. When i slowed it down it quit stalling. I think the same can happen if you’re manually spamming the key too fast. The key presses end up causing the macro to skip past stuff that might be ready to use. Ultimately you can only use one ability roughly every second due to the game’s gcd. I currently have mine running at 175ms, the energy use seems to stay consistent throughout, sort of like watching a ball bounce. I never run out but i’m never quite full. Also, running auto software too fast can make it difficult to get interupts to trigger at the moment you need them, especially if you’re using interupts manually instead of a mod key in the macro, because the addon is “trying” to use abilities faster than you can humanly trigger it in the “gaps”. Does that make sense?

I hope its at least being useful, if for nothing else than leveling and wq’s type stuff. Thats why i wrote it to begin with. I’ll keep trying to work on it as i get feedback.


Maybe, seems a bit better now I have slowed the MS down from 100


I’m guessing I have the delay in the right place

Looks like it. I’m not familiar with that software, at least not by the pic anyway. But it looks like it would make sense.

Thx for the reply and that’s corsair keyboard software.

I will retest later if possible but work is killing my wow time atm

hello also I play with mouse and keyboard corsair and use software corsair icue for macros, but I have a doubt though, and as you posted the setting “ms” and that is after execution add or you have to put it in the middle and that is add delay between events?

place to be clearer

the first one is like yours:

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or the 2 I wrote? :

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