Assistance with Ashen Hallow

I’ve tried numerous times to add Ashen Hallow to macro’s that I’ve found here using [nochanneling] on all other skills and [@cursor] for Ashen Hallow itself. For some odd reason when doing this I can get Ashen Hallow to cast @cursor but then all other skills lock up and refuse to fire with [nochanneling] in front of them. When I remove [nochanneling] they will fire as normal but Ashen Hallow will not cast due to other skills being cast and not allowing it to channel.

Does anyone know what may be the issue and why it is doing this?

Hello @derp-diggler-gaming

I have not played around with that ability but for my understanding after i looked it up, it works a little like Final Reckoning talent in the Retribution spec.
And that have been a struggle for me to get to work but it works now!

But first thing first - [nochanneling] has no effect in this case as for what i can see Ashen Hallow is a spell that needs to be cast and not channeled and i do not recall Paladins having any channeling spells so you can delete that :slight_smile:

There is 2 ways to do this

The easy way is for you to add it so that it will cast on yourself which would look like this.
/cast [@player] Ashen Hallow
And you could add mod:alt and all that if you like.

The ‘‘hard’’ way or complicated way for it to work with @cursor
In order to do so you’ll need to make a new GSE macro and it has to be a GSE macro.
You can name it whatever you like but it cannot be 100% the same as the spell name so go with something like ASHA
In that ASHA macro you in the sequence type in /cast [@cursor] Ashen Hallow
Save it and create icon and leave it there.
(no need to drag the icon to the action bars but you’ll need to have it in your macro folder)

After that you’ll need to call the ASHA macro into your actual rotation macro and you do that by adding this into the macro:
/click ASHA
And you can have that added in any of the boxes that you see fit but you cannot add it to a /castsequence tho… But the mod:alt and all that should work too.

That is the best i can do and i havent found an eaiser way to do so but i hope it’ll work!

Let me know if it works :slight_smile: