Augmentation spec macro (Augmental version)


Usage Information

v1.10 Augmental Made @250ms
Mod Alt: Heal self (Emerald Blossom proc)
Any other mod key: Eruption (for proc)
Version 1: Solo/levelPvP//PvE, self healing frequently
Version 2: Instance/group, healing only with mod held down (shift or alt) FOCUS: Assist

1.10 Edit: Streamlined macro, revamped sequence logic
1.9 Edit: Buf fixes in Empowering logic
1.8 Edit: Improved @focus support on v2 for instance play
1.7 Edit: Perfected Empower spell casting
1.6 Edit: Empowered spell casting improvements (only power 1, stop spamming for higher)

This macro contains 2 macro templates. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.41.

  • The Default macro template is 1
  • Raids use template 2
  • Mythic Dungeons use template 2
  • Arenas use template 2
  • Mythic+ Dungeons use template 2

First blush review of new Augmentation spec: In short, LESS SQUISHY!

Augmentation features a damage shield almost like a shaman’s lightning shield, although its graphic reminds me more of a stone shield. It’s a bubble of sorts that protects your HP while also giving feedback damage to attackers.

There is a low cooldown temporary buff to increase crit (party wide I believe) and a medium cooldown to buff secondary stats (party again I think) which lasts longer.

They have a new empowered spell, Uplift, in which power levels increase its radius. Basically, it kicks up (with damage) all mobs inside the area of effect. This can interrupt spellcasters - even those with channeling bars in grey.

Augmentation spec also has 2 stances, one is more combat-oriented, and one is more movement oriented.

Shamans can survive death, so can Augment Evokers. Every 6 minutes fatal damage can rewind you to a low health state giving you a second chance to heal up or move away from your attacker. This rewind is immediate and instantaneous, so you do not get a release/reincarnate choice box as a shaman does.

If you’ve played Enhancement Shaman, you’ll find it easy to play Augmentation Evoker. If you haven’t, but wish you could play a less squishy “glass cannon” Dracthyr, this may be the spec for you.

My macro is just a derivative of Elfyao for Devastation. Correct talent build code for Augmentation is inside the macro already (or just choose ‘Starter Build’). Some of the empowered Uplift castings are working a bit wonky, but it uses the same code that works for Fire Breath and Eternity Surge, so I am afraid the wonky is in Blizzard’s handling of events during the empowerment of this specific spell. Nothing can be done at my end (save for changing it so it always fires it off full force).

This macro is amateur hack quality. It works, I end fights with much more health than Devastation, but I have not run a damage meter with it and know the health maintenance is also not very efficient, to say nothing of optimal DPS (I notice it tends to Azure Strike a lot more than I think efficient, and Living Flame doesn’t often seem worth it in DPS rotation imho).

To that end, I did make it so any modifier ctrl/alt/shift will cast Living Flame on self for healing. There is no support in the macro for @mouseover target casting or directing distance/direction spells (so for example, you’ll want to have Deep Breath hotkeyed and use it judiciously. (The talent build does make Deep Breath stun enemies.) There’s another Augmentation direction spell that apparently is a flyover buff/heal of sorts for party members… I forget its name, but in group play you want to make judicious use of this spell too.

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dont we need gse for test realm? we do not :slight_smile: i mean we do but nvm

any updates, this works nicely ! ?

GSE worked as is on test realm, a special version wasn’t necessary. I may have set up curseforge to make sure the alpha release was installed there.

I haven’t made any updates so far. It works fairly well at single target PvE and that is about the only condition I tend to play with WoW.

Because it relies on spells that I expect will remain selected with the “Starter Build,” this means talent tree nerfs and changes shouldn’t break the macro. Only when a major spell is removed from that build will there be a need for update to the macro.

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Suggested talents for Augmentation spec macro (From Augmental build)


Small edit: Some solo oriented healing effectiveness choices, no longer follows starter build.

I noticed on rotation guides there’s no azure strikes in it !

Do you mean Azure Strike? It leads off with that and is part of rotation. I’m actively play-testing this macro and it’s for sure using Azure Strike often twice, as well as Living Flame.

I believe however I need to make a 2nd version that does not perform self healing except when a mod key is held down. I’ll try to work that in, and update this original post when and if. Just check the edit note at the bottom of the macro post.

Looks good, but might need to be changed for the m+ build. here is what I am running with.