AutismCat Outlaw 8.3 M+

Edited this macro to get the optimal talents. Original macro is by Elfyau 8.2.5 Outlaw RG

runnin at 70MS using Razer Synapse press key 1 -> key placeholder for 0,07s -> key release

Talents: 1112133

shift mod for AOE

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Remove Blood Fury if you ain’t an Orc

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.4.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Riposte, Adrenaline Rush, Blood Fury

KeyPress: Tricks of the Trade

Main Sequence: Sinister Strike, Crimson Vial, Killing Spree, Pistol Shot, Dispatch, Between the Eyes, Slice and Dice, Blade Flurry,

If you got any improvement tips just tell me :smiley: aswell you may test your damage and post it down here :slight_smile:

Edit log:
01MAR Changed prio list from 1 2 3 4 to 1 12 123 1234

02MAR added ST and AOE macros
02MAR added shift mod to ST
02MAR added TotT to focus as PreMacro on ST and AOE

02MAR tried to change the name from Roll the Bones but GSE recognized it as Slice and Dice. SnD will be executed , re-named the seperated macros for ST and AOE// updated all 3 macros

22MAR removed ST and AOE seperated macros due to lack of fixability


lol figured it out :smiley: will have a look in the morning top job :smiley:

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tyvm in advance :smiley: <3

OMG man, very close to SIM. Great job!!!

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ay tyvm :smiley: yet doe if you got anything to improve just lemme know :slight_smile:

I haven’t made any improvements so far. The only thing I did was to remove the cooldowns above 1:30min for quests, and I copied the full macro for bosses. Another thing I noticed is that Blade Flurry is not coming out so fast. There are times in the AOE rotation that the macro does not execute the skill even though it is available.

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aye Imo for M+ it doesn’t quiet matter in lower keys if you burst your 130+ CD’s on trash/mini bosses xd yeah that happens for me aswell rn… even though BF is in first prio ^^ prolly need to set BF somewhere in between the sequence

small edit: forgot to set the prio list to 1 12 123 1234 (old one was 1 2 3 4)

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hey guys! check out the edit log to see if you can handle the changes :slight_smile:

I see you have Roll the bones in the macro, is that by mistake and should it be Sinister Strike?

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as it seems GSE writes Roll the Bones even though Slice and Dice will be executed. I’ve tried to change the name but it won’t save the name Slice and Dice.

hence SnD will be executed even though RTB is written Xd thnx for your help!

So sorry, I was on cloud stupid. I see what you did and it makes sense.


dw :smiley: I’ve actually tried to change it b4 but I didn’t recognize it didn’t change the name :wink: hence your comment was useful :slight_smile:

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k guys. As it seems there is something wrong with the ST and AOE split macros. Unfortunately I can’t find why so. I’ll report back as soon as I got the issue solved :slight_smile:

When I tried adding the ST/AOE macros. I had to rename them because they have the same name as the original macro.

I’ve already renamed them on the updated macros xd

k guys. Unfortunately I’m not able to find the issue. Hence if you got an idea please tell me :slight_smile:

Works really good for me, i am not dying attacking mobs anymore :slight_smile: But my Rogue is low ilvl. Thanks for the good macro

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tyvm for your testing and comment <3

Any dps checks on dummy compared to SIM?