Autokey Razer

Hi all,

Before the pre-patch i used the razer synapse with a macro for autopress key (simple press 1, 0,5 sec, press 1) and averything was fine.

But now with the new macros it’s doesn’t work anymore. if i keep press 1 the macros does only the first spell and then stop.

Any suggestions?

thx a lot for the answers

I am also having the same problem. I have it set to repeat 1 every 50ms while I hold the key down.

After the latest wow update It doesn’t work anymore and I have to spam it manually.

i have the razer as well, works like always.

Maybe reinstall synapse.

Or make sure you have the macro in synapse toggled to spam
instead of using it one time or on/off mode.

Check if you have the right macro, button and whatnot set.

If thats not the case prolly delete and reinstall synapse.

The weird thing is if i hold it while in chat it spams it, just wont work on the macro on my hotbar.

your keys are not set. Do you use bartender 4 f.e to set your keybinds?

bind them again then.

My keys are all set and are working, It just wont spam the key.

Then i dont know soz

Make sure the macro you are using is setup correctly they are not able to be used like they were previously. If there is a cool down in the wrong place or if you have any cd in the keypress box or pre macro box it will hang. I use synapse also and the only issues I had was with the macros not working how they did previously once I moved things around everything worked as intended.