Automatically Target Enemies or Friendlies with Reticle-Based Spells Using Macros

@TimothyLuke is this going to be a game changer when talking about “Earthquake”, “Flamestrike”, “Spear of Bastion”, etc? Or is it something that’s been in game for a while and I’ve just been living under a rock? Or a bug that Blizz will fix? What do you think?

I have tried with this setup and it works like a charm!

/cast [mod:shift,@target] Earthquake; Earth Shock

maybe? Not sure what you are asking me.

Its a bug at best and an exploit at worst. I wouldn’t be surprised if its patched out.

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Yeah sorry wasn’t too clear! I just saw potential in making macros with this and was hoping it was something permanent! Not that @cursor doesn’t do the exact same thing, but I’m one of those who sometimes can’t aim right lol!

Not sure myself, but i think this might be an actual permanent thing. I don’t think they’d make a bug using @target. I mean, that’s like saying @cursor, or @focus is a bug, at least in my brain of brains. i say we give it a while, make some macros using it, if it’s fixed then we know it’s a bug. i highly doubt it’s an exploit though, otherwise Blizzard wouldn’t have made it public knowledge like they did. I think they like catching people using exploits to ban them, lol. like i said, just my brain of brfains. XD

Note: though, when i think about it, why would you want to use @target anyway? if you have a tank selected with @focus, then pretty much all targeted spells would be cast @focus, right? like, wouldn’t you want earthquake or flamestrike going off at the tank, which is where the most mobs would be grouped at? again, just my brain…

@thezeldrak I see your point with the @focus, but that’s good in a group setting and only if there is not a lot of kitting involved. Solo play I never focus an enemy and in raid the focused tank is not always the one who’s tanking the adds/groups of mobs.

@thezeldrak When Blizzard implements something like this it doesn’t require repurposing some other thing. This is a bug with Blizzard’s SmartSelfCast doing things they were not intending. When they introduced @cursor they were VERY specific in stating that they didn’t want the behaviour that this bug enables. Otherwise, they would have allowed targeting to just work on @target which is what they were asked to introduce. They felt being able to use a group member or an enemy as an anchor for AoE targetted spells was too overpowered hence why it’s limited to @player or @cursor normally.


As predicted this was got fixed out today…

Indeed! Thanks for you input on the matter!

Yeah. I was hoping it would stay in, but as we all know, Blizzard’s credo is … “Fun detected. Must resolve.”