Autounshift stopped working today?

Just happened to my druid macros. Something happened where autounshift is not working and my character keeps shifting to cast regrowth from cat form. The intent of the macro is to prevent shifting so we only cast regrowth while in cat form using Predatory Swiftness Procs.

/console autounshift 0
/cast [@mouseover,exists,nomod,stance:2,nochanneling:convoke the spirits] [nomod,stance:2,nochanneling:convoke the spirits] Regrowth
/console autounshift 1

I even tried going back to an older version of GSE and that didn’t help.


You are talking about WoW behaviour. Whether this works or not has nothing to do with GSE or its versions. This CVar was restricted recently.

Thanks for the quick reply. I figured as much but was hoping for some sort of magical answer - lol. I hope they put this back and that it isn’t permanent.

does anybody know how to write a script for autohot key to just press one as long as i hold it? just a simple one?