Azura's all purpose Feral

This is a basic one button macro for feral, all major cooldowns you will have to manage yourself, only Tigers Fury will be cast on cd.

It will also cast Regrowth without taking you out of cat form.

I am running AHK on 150ms only because I have higher ping, take a look at your ping and set your AHK to the same number.


Works pretty well on my setup at 100ms. I also like that you didn’t force Prowl and Wild Charge in there. Nothing is as annoying as dropping into prowl after something dies, then looting, and having to wait for prowl’s CD to countdown to use it again.

I am glad you like it, and same, I found a lot of macros with prowl worked in there and having to wait to be able to prowl again after looting xD

what talents you use

Talents are in the macro.

This still working after the updates? I’ve tried it and it’s not casting regrowth, it’ll rotate through the sequence portion of the macro then just autoattack from then on with the regrowth icon flashing off and on.

Someone posted this in another thread. I’ve used it a few times to convert old gse2 macros to gse3.

Hi, I tried importing from here to see if this might be the problem but it still works perfectly for me.

This is what it looks like after the update, you can check if yours looks the same.

out of curiousity, what leggo are you using for the build?

Hi, I play with Draught of Deep Focus.