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Hi all, just come back to my DK after a while and have pulled blood, frost and unholy macros from this site which I use with GS-E and x-mouse due to disability issues.

Just need someone to tell me if at ilvl 700 I am doing ok on my garrison dummy getting 25-30k dps on unholy

Weird thing is I get 30-35k on blood…thought that would be less

Personally, im not a fan of item level as a gauge. as there are so many variables. you might put all your highest item level items on but the secondary stats are bad resulting in a dps loss. Also, realise this is the transition phase in the game between expacks and classes are missing things until artefact weapons arrive which will balance things out

secondly the training dummies, i only use them for testing macro functionality and not a final verdict on my dps
as some are armoured and others are not, as i can pull bigger numbers with the ones Ashran. results will vary
So my Frost DK who current sits around 730 item level would pull 45-50k on training dummies but in Heroic HFC can blow past 100K but averages 60-70k on boss fights.

Blood can get large numbers in AOE situations and initial single target fights but fall to the bottom the longer the fight goes the dummy results are deceptive.

Thanks John, just wanted some peace of mind that my dps was not shockingly bad as I’ve not played it for quite some time, also I mostly level toons and rarely raid or instance…I’ll probably go blood levelling anyway but may choose unholy now as it feels quite fun with a pet.
Bearing in mind my blood was doing more dps I just assumed it would level faster, but probably best to try both specs when legions is out.

Just understand with Artifact weapons we get when legion starts you will only have for that spec initially though you can unlock the other specs later, so choose wisely :slight_smile:

John Mets could you make a macro on unholy like you did on frost Thanks John