Bad performance with GSE as Holy Paly in SL


i was using GSE since BFA as holy paly. But since SL it feels very weak, I think all because those GCD and like spot on healing based on holy power. No one of “top holy pala” using this and everyone is just clicking it. I wanted to raise a discussion around here about feeling of others for HOLY with GSE in SL. Any commentary welcomed here.

I think it still works well, still able to get high rankings with it. What macro are you using? Also spec and rotation needs to be correct for paladins at the moment

i tried basically all, macros from here but feeling was same. I do not have option to set up the “delay as 50 MS” as somebody was recommending here. But lets say my GS is 205 and i was able to do 3,9k HPS max.
Tony do you got logs or smth to check it and what version are you using right now?

You have got to remember that it is not just the rotation it is the gear

You should be using

to sim your gear

and trying to get BIS from


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My phrases/ranks using gse


wich one are you using ?

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