Bam™ BM Hunter Macro - [ UPDATED 01-OCTOBER-2023] M+

have to import it into GSE.

sorry im very very new, where am i putting this import string ive copied from the top of the page?
into Synapse?

No, you type /gse in the game and choose import

so what do people go on about synapes for?

and all this 250s stuff

Synapse is an application you can use if you have Razer Keyboard or mouse. In Synapse you can configure one or more keys to click for you. That’s where the 250 ms can be set. That’s the intervals between the keypresses

So when I am attacking, my pets will randomly attack another target, how do i edit or change that in the script from happening?

Hello Bam and welcome back :smiley:

I just load your macro, and the first block is empty.
(screenshot: )
but i just delete it and then i’ll test it :slight_smile:

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Yeah i saw that i deleted it and it didnt affect the macro but noticed i dont attack until my pet attacks first, pet attacks and i just stand there until pet attacks.

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Hey Starkey.

I’ll have a look at this today, I think I know what the issue is with regards to not attacking so once I’ve had chance to look at it later I’ll update the macro on here.

Thank you for the feedback guys. Always appreciated.


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Quick update as of today.

Fixed the issue where the macro would not fire until the pets had attacked, and removed the empty block.

Thanks for the feedback as always!


hey mate any AOE macro

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Hey Henrik,

I haven’t really found a need for a separate AoE macro. I just have multi-shot on another mouse button and hit this whenever needed, this activates Beast Cleave where the majority of AoE damage comes from. I use a weak aura to monitor Beast Cleave up-time. Death Chakra is already in the main macro.



A better lazy macro, with less actions.

My man !


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Works great now, cheers.

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This macro works great for me even with low gear scores. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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Very nice macro. Doing around 120-130k Aoe and 80-90k single on dummies.
To fix the problem of the pets attacking before you could, found that you need to remove references to “combat” in the blocks.
i.e. /cast [nochanneling,combat] Bestial Wrath
should be changed to /cast [nochanneling] Bestial Wrath.
Should be done in all blocks. I usually use the “combat” variable in my macros when using potions to make sure I don’t burn one by accident.
Keep up the good work!

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Thank you @msc6399

Yes the [combat] in the blocks was causing the issue, I have updated the macro above to fix. this was happening because I forgot to enter /startattack in the KeyPress variable, this has been added now so should be working fine, but also removing [combat] would also work.


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Are there any good hunter macros atm for pvp that work a charm?

may i ask you to go start a topic asking this instead of asking in Bams post. unless your asking Bam if he has a PVP or if this macro can be used for PVP. thank you.

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