Bam™ BM Hunter Macro - [ UPDATED 01-OCTOBER-2023] M+


Hey guys, I hope you’re all keeping well! I’ve not been active on here for a while, but am still playing WoW. The old BM Macro I made back in Shadowlands proved pretty popular so i figured I’d share the current one I’m running on a BM Hunter.

As always, feedback is welcomed.





Bam™ Dragonflight BM Hunter Macro - Updated 01-OCTOBER-2023.

BM Macro, talents are as above. This is a single target Macro, Wailing Arrow is not in the macro, i use this as required. I’ve also left out Multi-Shot and use this for AoE packs only. You may also wish to throw in an additional Death Chakram during AoE packs. Thrill of the Hunt uptime is 88-94% on single target (these may vary dependant on secondary stats).

18/09/23 - Updated: Call Pet & Revive Pet added to KeyPress variable. KeyRelease variable removed.

01/10/23 - Updated: Fixed issue that was causing the macro to not fire until pets had started to attack. Removed blank block, improved Bestial Wrath firing, Added Wailing Arrow. Improved Barbed Shot uptime (96% on target dummy).



I congratulate you!!! it is the best macro singe target there is at the moment. I allowed myself to add 3 spells… and I earned a clean 10k in single target. with the other macros you have a greater boost but then you go down. with this you are much more linear but stable in the dps. I added Dire Beast, Bloodshed and Blood Fury (I’m an orc)… and it works great! with the other macros after 5 minutes of dummy I was at 95k now I’m at a fixed 105k!!! I congratulate you again… and I hope you’ll also try your hand at the rogue outlaw… especially now that they’re reworking it!!!


could you also create aoe macro thank you

There isnt any real need for an AoE Macro, the only real difference is throwing in Multi-Shot to activate beast cleave and use Death Chakram on cooldown.

I use a weak aura to monitor beast cleave uptime, and just use it as required.



what ms u run with bud

I’m running it at 150ms mate

ok i tried so i copied the original macro, and instead of cobra shot and barbed shot in priority i put multiple shots. i prefer it because i prefer to play with 2 separate macros without having to use modifiers

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THE KING HAS RETURNED!!! Welcome back bam; Any chance you could help direct me to how you would put bloodshed and dire beast in this macro?

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Hate to say this but according to wowhead and icy-veins the talents you are running are for a m+ build reason i say this i looked it up because i was only pulling 65k on a dummy at 441 ilvl and thought thats really low so went into why and found out ohh and before i forget that was unbuffed with stats as crit38%, haste25%, mastery35%, and vers6% hope this helps you tune the macro

I’m curious… I’m a ilvl 420 and I’m doing about 30k. I’ve always wanted to know how people use the macros. I put this macro in my no. 1 key slot and basically target and just mash they key. AM I doing something wrong?

First of all I recommend a program like Synapse if you have a Razer mouse or keyboard which allows you to bind a button which will automatically click the button in the bar that has the macro you assigned. you can also decide the interval ms … and by pressing the associated key the macro will go on-off. if you press the button manually it won’t have the same effect and after 2 hours of playing your hand will hurt xD … I’ll attach a video to show you how it works.

as you can see, the key bind button is active and the macro starts on button 1… the bar above has another keybind that I put in to activate Bestial Wrath as quickly as possible. If you have any questions I’m here and I can help you however I can.

Thank’s; for the reply. So here’s my set up when I do the macro. Please let me know what I’m doing wrong or can improve.

  • I play on a Mac…
  • I have a Logitech MX Master Keyboard and Mouse

Here’s how I install a macro

  1. type /gse in game and paste in the new macro
  2. drag the macro icon to the No. 1 key on my slot
  3. Go to options and chance the gse Ms settings to what is recommended

So if I’m hitting the dummies, I’ll just target, send in my pets and start pressing the 1 key. I’ll usually hit the other ones as they proc.

I’ve never had it set up (for the years I’ve done this) where it was just on auto pilot. Is that how yours is?

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you must have an external program that clicks button 1 repeatedly by combining a key on your keyboard or mouse… for mac I don’t know how to help you… try looking for some tutorials on youtube… programs similar to synapse for mac.

Hey Darklord,

Yes they certainly are for M+ build, apologies I could’ve made this clearer, i made this macro specifically for M+ as that’s the content I tend to do.

Hey Rykeen,

Thank you :smile:

I’m working on more macro’s as we speak. Frost DK, Blood DK and Vengeance DH will hopefully be ready soon! If you’d like to try them before I upload them on here then feel free to add me on Discord.

With regards to adding Bloodshed and Dire Beast, Just edit the macro, add a new block.

/cast [nochanneling, combat] Dire Beast

and another block

/cast [nochanneling, combat] Bloodshed


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Hey barbaque,

Having a programmable keyboard or mouse (dependant on the software) allows you to use software like Logitech Ghub to press that key ok repeat for you. It basically saves your finger and keyboard wear. You’re not doing anything wrong at all, and for years I did exactly the same as you did.

Many people use AHK or other software to press the key say every 150ms. Which is faster than you’re going to be doing by yourself.

It’s important to remember that using third party software to do this is technically against blizzards TOS. The rule is 1 key press should equal 1 action. So if you’re running a script or software that does this for you then it is technically something blizz may take action against. Having said that, I don’t know to anybody who has had an account suspended for doing this with Logitech Ghub or Razer Synapse.

I used to use an MX mouse too which uses Logitech options software you can’t replicate a key press with Logitech options. I switched to the Logitech G502 mouse and now use Logitech Ghub which is much better for gaming.


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Updated: 18-SEP-23
Call Pet & Revive Pet added to KeyPress variable. KeyRelease variable removed.



Hey everybody,

call me dumb! but where vcan i find the Macro? im new here xD

thx <3

scroll to the top, 1st post.

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i have to use it with the adon right? :rofl: