Bam™ - Frost DK One Button Macro [UPDATED 08-SEP-2023]


Hey Guys, I hope you’re all well.

This is my frost DK one button Macro, again this one has been designed for M+ content, so the talents you’ll see are M+ recommended and the rotation is AoE orientated for M+ content. It will use offensive CD’s, but not defensive abilities.


Bam™ Frost Macro - Updated 08 SEP 2023.

This Macro was made primarily for M+ and therefore utilises AoE abilities and M+ talents.

The macro will endavbour to utilise Obliterate and Frost Strike, and keep these up as your top hitters as per SimC.

As always, please do share any feedback or suggestions :slight_smile:



talents? please link

Hey gamers,

They should be showing in the macro?

Just paste the export string and import to your talents.

If they are not working the talents are simply the ones recommended by Icy Veins for M+ content.


Hey Bam,

Can you check your GSE import string? I am not able to import, where as other macros import fine. I do get the message “GSE Storage BAM_FROST was updated to new version.” but nothing is shown in the GSE editor


@Bam is this a 2handed weapon build or 2 1handed weapon build? using 2handed and its doing fantastic. but i dont have 2 1hands so why i asked. lol

@JaxxTheBulldog i just imported it and it shows for me.

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Thanks @Siodar, I have fixed this issue. I ended up removing the GSE addon and then cleared the WTF and Cache folders. Once I reinstalled GSE I was able to properly import this macro.

I can’t believe I didn’t try this before I posted :face_with_diagonal_mouth: At least it is fixed



did 3-4mins on dummies, doing 120k easy on my DK :slight_smile:
this is using Ashkhandur 2h… will try in keys and report back :smiley:

Should probably add… in KEY PRESS i added:

/cast [mod:shift] Frostwyrm’s Fury
/cast [mod:alt] Anti-Magic Shell

I also disabled Abomination Limb casts in the rotation as I like to do that manually (like the mods I added) :slight_smile:

took into an 11 Underrot, and did 64k dps overall. Peak was on the bigger pull at start when i hit 120k (maintaining)
Dont think its a macro issue, might be gear and just frost sucks xD

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Hey Siodar,

Good to hear from you. I’m running with two 1h weapons with this macro :slight_smile:

Nice macro, but the dps on the dummy was not good :frowning:
what ms you recommend?

Hey Doctorpin,

I’m running at 150ms. I haven’t been testing it much in fairness. You may find better alternatives on here that suit your play style better.


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thanks I will try and let you know

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I have tried most of the frost macros on this site and this is by far the best performing for me. Thank you for the time you took to make this macro.

Great macro, it’s outperforming the one I was using by far. I made one modification to let me use Abomination Limb with a shift modifier to fit my play style, but otherwise I left it as-is.

Very solid, thanks for sharing!