Bam™ Fury Macro - Best DPS

Hey guys!

Another one button macro which is working very well for me, im using AHK and currently running this macro at 70ms. I’m hitting pretty much the same as raidbot sims with this macro on target dummy with no buffs.

  • This is a newly levelled 120 character, DPS is not high due to relatively low gear.
  • Raidbots Sim: 18.45k DPS
  • Actual DPS on target dummy: 20.3k DPS


Usage Information
-=Bam™ Fury Macro=-

The main sequence of the macro should be utilising Recklessness on pull, and then on cooldown, Rampage, Bloodthirst and Raging Blow on cooldown. It will also add in Execute for procs and Victory Rush when pulling mobs to maxamise DPS.

Bladestorm is not included in this macro, i use this seperately for AoE mobs to maxamise DPS. You could swap out the Bladestorm Talent for Meat Cleaver if you prefer to not have to do this.

I always welcome any comments, feedback or suggestions! You’ll find me on WoW Lazy Macro’s, follow the help link :slight_smile:

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.11.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Recklessness

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence: Reaping Flames, Recklessness, Raging Blow, Victory Rush, Execute, Bloodthirst, Whirlwind, Rampage

This macro has worked very well for me, but I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions as always :slight_smile: I hope you find this useful.



Cheers @Bam will give it a try on me warrior.

@Onedda awesome, let me know how you find it.

i will try, also if in u damage meter the 28.6% of damage is done to another target… i think cause the other dummy is in range of WW and next cleave spells

@ancus Yes i see what you mean, i hadn’t noticed that before. I’m not sure where this has come from, it was a single target dummy with no others in range. I’ll run the macro again and see if I get the same.

Please let me know how you find it.


@ancus - Further test, from this angle you can see that the dummy is alone and no others are in range. im not sure why the first one suggests a second target dummy has been hit, either way, DPS is around the same as previous sim.

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Hi Bam.
This macro is really nice. I like it alot and it never has any hickups. My gear sucks but macro deliver same damage as i sim and that is nice :love_you_gesture:
Thanks alot

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This macro is amazing doing like 40k at 420 ilvl best fury macro atm

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@psmith2507 Thank you dude! Appreciate the feedback <3

@Borland1891_2325 thank you dude! Much appreciated <3

After some try i can confirm that this is the best Fury macro. With some tweak is perfect also for shadowlands ptr. Ty for sharing, i’m going to try all of other ur macros… can i ask ur opinion in what is the best class to play in SL with GSE macros? ty

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Could u share your version with us.

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Im not author of macro, but I would say fury warrior, bm hunter and dh will still remain as perfect ones for that, since their rotation doesnt really suffer much from using non situationally


@ancus I haven’t played much of the Beta, so with regards to which classes will work best with GSE macro’s I can’t be certian, but from what I have played and read; I would imagine that BM Hunter, Fury Warrior and Demon Hunter are going to be pretty good with GSE.

I plan on maining BM Hunter or Vengence DH.

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Well, conduits / soulbinds and leggos says hi!!!

But this is normal on every xpansion, leveling is not the same as end-game.


i’m doing the same. BM hunter and Veng DH

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someone needs to make a 9.0.1 verison of bam fury it seems to be the only macro that works well for me ive tried others and not that great

you need make 9.0.1 updated verison of this

@joey_1849 Hey dude, I am working on an updated version for all of my macros. I work full time and my shifts tend to be quite long. Unfortunately due to covid my work load has significantly increased. But rest assured, I will be updating them. :slight_smile:


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Macro has been updated for pre patch