Bam™ - Holy Paladin One Button Smash & Heal!

Hey guys!

Really loving paladin in SL. I have been switching between playing prot and holy. I love this macro for spamming some DPS, and AoE heals in mele range during M+.

Let me know how you find it. I also use a WA to monitor my holy shock cooldown and an addon to monitor holy power. I’m currently playing a glimmer build holy paladin.


Usage Information

Simple Holy rotation for AoE healing by Bam

I use this for periods of AoE damage, run in, start the macro when Avenging Wrath is off cooldown and watch your M+ group’s health increase. It seems to be working well for my paladin. 190 geared at present.

Use Holy Shock / Divine Toll between mele hits for extra insta heals. When Avenging Wrath is on CD you can use this macro to reduce the CD of Holy Shock. I’m running a glimmer build so find this very helpful.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.38.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Aura Mastery

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence: Consecration, Holy Avenger, Light of Dawn, Avenging Wrath, Judgment

Going to check it out! Thanks!

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I think you uploaded the wrong MACRO

this has no Holy Shock, No Flash of Light or Holy Light, No Word of Glory and No Crusader Strike… (Not even on MODs)

It also has Hammer of the Righteous (Protection Spec)


Hi Tony, no this is the right macro.

It does have crusader strike, for some reason this will show as hammer of the righteous, but it does cast crusader strike. There are multiple threads about this problem with how GSE changes the name of some abilities. It doesn’t stop it from working.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean? It would be detrimental to any healing to use flash of light, holy light and holy shock in this macro. They’re all reactive spells.

As explained above, I use this macro with a glimmer build. Crusader strike reduces cooldown of holy shock, which I use outside of this macro. Judging targets attacking the tank will heal the tank for each attack they do against him and light of dawn for AoE when holy power is at three stacks.

It’s not a replacement for, well… healing. But it’s a macro for some dps, and AoE heals when used with avenging wrath.

Works well for me for periods of high AoE damage.

Healing is a very subjective topic, and every healer has a different ‘style’. So you might not find it useful. But I assure you, this is the right macro.



Oh, its because you have the class spec set to protection why it doesn’t say Crusader strike. Also cant say its a one button smash and heal then not have the healing abilities inside the macro…

Your always going to want to use Flash of Light or Holy Light on Infusion of Light Procs, even if it is on the beacon just to build holy power

I can see not having Divine Toll in the MACRO as it is best used when multiple people have damage, but leaving out Holy Shock? if going glimmer build your going to be spamming Holy Shock on CD at all times damage or no damage to keep glimmer up on people

**Just tested on Training dummy and doesn’t cast Crusader Strike


@tony-dickie I’m not sure what happened with Crusader Strike? I’ve made sure to export it in holy spec tonight, so maybe this will help.

I have made some changes, and added holy shock into the main sequence. I have updated this above. Let me know if you#'re still having issues with crusader strike.

Flash of Light, Holy Light and Word of Glory I have not included. These are reactive, the same as Divine Toll. I use this macro alongside reactive healing. For periods of AoE damage in groups. The only time I can see it might be useful to include Holy Light, Flash of Light and Word of Glory might be for solo content, but I’m not using this for solo content.

The sequence should look like this:

Crusader Strike is definatly firing for me.

Would you be able to make a PvP macro?

@kysurprise - Hey dude, i dont do much PvP at all, when I do… i just use this macro anyway. I just use stuns etc seperatly.

what ms u running at

Hey @Zaptear 70ms mate.