Bam™ Shadowlands Pre-Patch One Button Tank!

Bam DH

Hey guys! I hope you’re all keeping well in these strange times!

Here’s another addition to my pre-patch macro’s. The DH Vengeance macro I’m currently running. I have found this macro to have a high DPS, which is in keeping with raidbots sims. I’m hitting slightly above what sims project that I should be whilst running this macro.

Please feel free to provide me with feedback or suggestions as always :slight_smile:


Usage Information

Bam™ Vengeance Macro - Shadowlands Pre-Patch Macro! - Running at 70ms

So with this build the aim is to keep Demon Spikes and immolation aura up as much as possible for the mitigation.

I have been using the Fracture talen for an edge on DPS. However, if you’re struggling with mitigation you could role with Deed the Demon - This redices the CD of Demon Spikes and increases mitigation.

Please forward any feedback to me via the WoW Lazy Macro’s forums. Get in touch if you would like to see any amendments / changes to the macro! They’re always a work in project! :slight_smile:

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.27.

As always, thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:


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hello Bam beautiful macro compliments is very fluid and turns well I want to test it in mythical plus to see how it goes.

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Thank you dude! This is the macro I run myself in m+ I have no problems in +15’s. :slight_smile: I hope it works well for you, feel free to comment on here if you’re having any problems or have any further suggestions.


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thanks for good work :+1:

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I am really new at this GSE stuff, thanks for the macro seems to work well! Can you advise what 70ms refers to exactly? I cant find how to run this at 70ms or any info around the MS stuff.

Hey @Skarz_21870 . I’m using script and auto hot hot key to run the macro at a speed of 70ms.

Have a look at this thread. It might be helpful.

Thank you for sharing this. This works better than the one I was messing around with.

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Thank you for the feedback dude.

I use this macro daily, mythic +15’s are no problem. One of the problems with macros is that every player has their own unique style, so have a play around with the macro. If you find any improvements or have any suggestions please do get back to me on this forum :slight_smile:


showing havoc skills and abilities on this tried deleting and reinstalling
no luck
it some what runs and somewhat doesnt

Yes, I noticed that it’s displaying different spells, but this doesn’t stop it firing the correct rotation for me. I’m not sure what the solution is.

Does not work displays dps specialization spells :s

@siid974 Yes… i’m not sure why GSE does this. Each time I input the correct spell name it gets changed to one from Havoc spec. However, despite this, the correct abilities are still firing for me. It just displays wrong with the GSE Addon.


its only firing fiery brand initially but thats all i seen other than the dsp spec showing

Tried it out last night on a +15. Worked perfectly no flaws. Great healing and dps. Very happy with it!

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I’m having the same issue with your macro, are you exporting from the latest version of the addon as it shows a warning about incorrect version when importing the macro?

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Hey dude! Yes, I’m exporting on the latest version of GSE. It seems that this is a common problem and as @Hull answered on another post this has been previously answered.

Despite the spells appearing different I have not had any issues with the macro firing the correct spell. It appears to be working correctly, just displaying the incorrect spell name.

Thanks, macro works great but would be nice to see what it’s doing though :slight_smile:

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I use this addon which shows the abilities as you use them

TrufiGCD - Addons - World of Warcraft - CurseForge

This is a really great macro. Love that you weave in Infernal Strike. For the life of me I’ve never seen it fire Fel Devastation though. Any ideas why that might be?

Thank you dude. I’m not sure, are you firing it at 70ms? Fel Devastation seems to fire ok for me.