BAM_Vengeance Macro stopped working overnight

I haven’t changed a single setting, that I’m aware of. This macro worked completely fine yesterday evening, but when I logged in this morning, it does absolutely nothing when I click the button or press the keyboard key it is assigned too. I have a similar macro on my Monk that still works just fine.
I have even tried using other macos and nothing works on this character. Ive even tried multiple macros on different hotkey bars. Nothing works. The button is literally dead, no error or anything. It’s like it does nothing.

Do you go to /gse and see if the macro was still there and if so select it, delete icon and create icon and re add it to your bars?

I tried that. The only way I got it working was to delete all but one macro and reload ui. I had copied a macro and renamed it. IDK if that had any effect, but it seems to be working now.

Same happened to me. All macros on all characters aren’t working. They were all working fine when I went to bed last night.

I’m not sure how to delete my comment. I figured out my issue. It was not a problem with the macro’s. It was me being dumb.