Bambru's (GSE 3) 9.1 Drunken Brawler for Brewmaster Monk

This macro has been working really well for me so I thought I would share it. Would love to hear any suggested improvements from people if they have any.

Run @100m/s, both Macros are required.





DRUNKEN_BRAWLER is the main macro that will cover your rotation. PBREW adds a delay to purifying brew so that you use your charges staggered. I have them set to less than the cooldown time to account for blackout kicks reducing cooldown but you can change to suit within the macro.
I like to have all of my big cooldown and utility on serperate key binds to use as required so they aren’t included as an ‘all in one’ type macro.

What do u do mostly? Raid? M+?
Could u share some more info’s?

Sure no problem. So I’m actually pretty new and this is my first character, so far I’ve only used the macro in normal dungeons. It was built with dungeon and overworld content in mind, I think it would be servicable in raids but I’m not sure about the inclusion of Spinning Crane Kick with single target focussed game play.
It currently isn’t configured for covenant abilities or legendaries, I plan to update for that once I’m at that stage. I’m personally going Kyrian and Stormstouts Keg but I think I could add some if functions for other options.
So basixally it’s still a WIP that i’ve built as I levelled. The reason I wanted to share was due to the purifying brew usage, which I haven’t really seen anyone else do.

Ok, i will give it a try soon.

Hm tested on some mobs on open world but it want use PBrew. I dont know why.

You do realize you can run the Debugger and see why it’s not casting something…

No sorry i do not… but thanks for your help

MACRO ERROR PBREW macro may cause a ’ [RestrictedExecution.lua:431] ’ error as it has 751 actions when compiled. This get interesting when you go past 255 actions. You may need to simplify this macro.

Is what i get

Hi Christian. I’m not overly experienced with GSE so I’m not really sure what’s going on here.

Some thoughts are:

  1. You don’t actively use the PBREW macro, just need it to be saved in your GSE macro list. The way it works is that the PBREW macro uses purifying brew, waits 4.5 seconds and then repeats. The DRUNKEN_BRAWLER macro has a variable called KeyPress, that /click’s the PBREW macro whilst DRUNKEN_BRAWLER is running, this is what uses purifying brew and keeps the timer between between moving.

  2. If you aren’t running at 100 m/s the timings would be different I think, so it may be that your gaps between brews are really long or really short. I use the setting within the GSE options to force my macros to run at 100m/s rather than using external timings.

Hello dude, i use it with 100ms.
I just have the Drunken macro in my bar, the pbrew macro is just show’n when i open gse. So i dont know i got this and pbrew wont fire up.

Just tried to replicate your problem and had a thought, are you testing this on a training dummy? You need to have some staggered damage to remove to be able to use purifying brew so you would need to test it against something that can damage you and that stays alive long enough to see if they brew is being used.

No i tested it while lvl’ing my monk, atm 48.

Sorry, I’m really not sure why it’s not working for you. I can’t replicate it my end.