Ban-Lu: Brewmaster Monk Shadowlands Edition

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What is the Null at the end of purifying brew mean?

The way the macro is supposed to work is to pop in order:

  • Purifying Brew
  • Celestial Brew

The Purifying Brew will

  • Increase the absorption of your next Celestial Brew by up to 200% based on your current level of Stagger

So in theory it should pop a nice big fat Celestial Brew on Pull … then null (which in effect stops the macro from performing another Purifying Brew because you might need it soon to clear Stagger dot …

Hi unfortunately can’t copy it because it’s gray instead of orange. can someone send it to me?

Grey / Orange ? Huh ??

ooo its a translation issue ? - go to the discord and ask there

does it repop purifying brew or is it once per combat? Also, i think chi wave doesn’t sim to well over eye of the tiger or did chi wave get a huge buff? love all your macros, just trying to figure this one out.

yup … pops once for big fat celestial brew then use manually to reset your stagger levels from getting too high …

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awesome ty. keep the macros coming im an altoholic

Nice Marco. Keep them coming. Whats the Unit Frame you use? SO pretty

hey man, loving the macros, been adding some of my own tweaks to them to suit my needs but yours work well.

Sorry to hijack but your ui, how can i get it? love those big character frames for your party. i tried importing from your twitch profile but says its corrputed.

ya se yer take yer mouse
highlight everything
then right click
navigate to copy
n paste

back in my day we didnt have no fancysmanchy click to copy

Question for you: could you potentially take out the chi wave and add another castsequence of keg smash - this would also increase your dps output as it feels that kegsmash is constantly off cooldown for seconds before being cast again

Can’t import… Not sure what the problem is.

Its listed under windwalker. It imports - just change the class on it when under windwalker to brewmaster

Few bits of feedback …
#1 Rushing jade wind and expel harm are 1st and 2nd on this macro.
They’re being cast every 5 or so abilities, and these are like … bottom of the priority for the rotation. Maybe moving Rushing jade wind to the post macro? Ill test it, but using Expel harm every 5 seconds costs 15 energy and I dont think its worth it so I’ll remove that completely.

#2 It’s literally casting zero Purifying brews, not sure why I’ll see what I can do to resolve this.

#3 Spinning crane Kick is actually really good and even has more priority in single target than anything else, so maybe finding a spot to put that in the macro as well would be good. I put it as a modifier so I can at least control some of my energy consumption.

#4 The main struggle I have with this macro is getting stagger up as soon as you start the fight, so I’ll probably add Spinning crane kick to the main macro to help supplement that issue.

im going to work in Breath of Fire and Purifying brew as a castsequence since Breath of Fire has a 15 second cooldown, and Purifying brew has a 13 second recharge so they line up pretty well to use it at least every 15 seconds. I’ll still have it on my bars to cast when I get 2 full charges though

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Every 5 or so abilities ? Awesome … it’s doing what it’s supposed to do !

… ok … you do you I guess … bottom of the priority for the rotation ?? huh ??? how you know its the supposed to be the bottom of the priority ? please dont reference any Discord Channel or IcyVeins

… everything is so new right now without enough runs and statistics to determine whats the perfect rotation yet

… you are most welcome to move whatever of course …

I’ve answered this often enough and even wrote why it only uses this once in the macro … but whatever …

Ok … you are free to modify it for yourself like any of these macros you find on this website

Stagger is a passive ability — it’s up 100% of the time … so I dont know what your talking about there

What you are referring to possibly is Shuffle

Which if you would of read my post then you will see that for me the Shuffle buff is up > 95% during pack pulls and boss fights …

Hey your welcome btw for giving you a macro that you are obviously using and have made it very easy to modify for your personal use !

I removed what I posted, I dont really feel like discussing anything about your macro will be a discussion anymore.

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Again you are welcome for the macro you are using and have modified for your own personal use !