Banned cause of 3rd party program


Playing wow since bèta. Last 5 years with lazymacro.

I only pvp on 15 chars. Today i got kicked out of a bg and after relogging had a 10 day ban.

After contacting gm said use of 3rd party program.

Macro was running at 250ms. As always.

Time to look for another game. It got real bad in the last year anyway.

I dont care if u believe me. Just wanted to post this and say ty and bye.

Time to move on.

'nuff said ain’t?

bye, have a nice day “denise”


hmmm…brand new account, comes on to say good-bye…blames GSE for other 3rd party software that caused the ban.

odd since the use of 3rd party software that in itself causes the ban will normally result in a 6 month ban not 10 days.

would like to see the GM response screenshot.

ALSO, you would have recieved a detailed email about why you were banned and what to fix…can you screenshot that and post it?

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use Dark Brown Sugar…more molasses …much richer cookie…mmmmm

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Good catch. Gonna edit the recipe above.

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Good call on the pulling them out before they brown. A lot of people make the mistake of pulling things off the heat or in the oven when they think it is done. But what they forget is things continue to cook for just a little bit more even removed from the heat source removed from the heat.

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GSE is an addon. Not a 3rd party program. FULL STOP.

Its an addon that blizzard is aware of and allows.

If you got ban for the use of a 3rd party program you have something else installed and running

Its also not a matter of us or anyone else believing you or not, or if you care that we believe you, you have a 3rd party program running regardless if it was intentional or not, it is NOT due to GSE.

AHK for example IS a 3rd party program, and is commonly paired with GSE. as is keyboard software that causes an auto click/press and/or repeat. Your running at 250ms, this means your using a 3rd party program. Its likely NOT this and your running something else, but is possible.

False positives can happen but are very unlikely.
either way Good luck.


Please don’t feed the troll…

…and do you like cookies?? :stuck_out_tongue:

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just got a 30 day suspension. Only thing I can think of is I linked the macro on Razer keyboard and had it set to 250ms. I guess I will see what the GM’s say and go from there.


Using another users macro at this speed might be the culprit when there are multiple threads here and on Discord as to why you shouldn’t run a macro this fast and it’s consequences.

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yup just rechecked everything. couldn’t figureout to make is the 20ms but did find how to do the 250ms (Razer synapse 3 is .25s right?). so had that one running. Maybe I messed it up somewhere. Lesson’s learned if that is even why I was suspended

I’d suggest you to use a macro tool that has anti detection or rando delay feature. Or you’ll keep getting banned this way

well well well

you are 200% “sure” on that, i can feel it

No - there is no safe way not even with a random thing. The random attempt is more likely to flag you. - see for more information. Guide: macros, WoW, you and more - #55 by TimothyLuke