Banned!! Trolling

From what i can see some people have started to use, or trying to use an addon called Gnome Sequencer, and have consequently been banned. It’s not an approved wow addon and you even have to eddit your wow program to get it to run correctly and use scripting. Any program that changes the way that wow is ment to be run is potentially going to get you you banned. If your going to risk using such programs keep it under your hat and try not to make a main topic tital about using them. Im struggling to now find original non banned macros amongst all the Gnome Sequncer Spam. Yep used to be nice to be able to change the timing of the castsequece’s befor patch 6.02 but the latest patch from blizard has changed all that, the macros now are not quite as flexible as they used to be befor the patch, but if you can find a good one then they can be pretty good, Keep up the good work guys. Thanks

SOME people ? As I can see is only 1 on here claiming to be banned for using that AddOn.

Are you maybe aware of more people who got banned for it then ?

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Before we start a witch hunt get your facts straight.

Absolutely True. I read that comment too.

I believe strongly it is true what he says in those comments.

I couldn’t edit this post. What I meant is that I strongly believe in what the Author Semlar says in his comments…