Baphomet - Vengeance Demon Hunter Shadowlands Edition

deleted … peace out community

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saved for future use

I really like this one but like others that have 2 macro’s in one it seems like the sound cuts out. Not to sure whats causing that.

whenever a macro calls another macro it can do that … in order to fix it do this:

turn off the Prevent Sound Erros in GSE Options

perty sure that was the fix if not i’ll look again or ask Lutechi

Yup it did thank you :slight_smile:

hi demon spikes doesn’t constantly work …
do i need to change target? or wait for target to die??

edit : seems to work on longer fights? i am not too sure ^^

At its’ core the main macro pulls in the secondary macro to fire off Demon Spikes

  • The spell itself has a 6 second uptime
  • Max 2 Charges
  • 16 sec recharge
  • Gave it a /click pause 8.5

So at best what it will do is pop spikes for 6 seconds then wait 8.5 seconds pop it again so you will have a 2.5 seconds of no spikes inbetween the refresh. You can always go in and change the pause to 8 seconds to have only a 2 second downtime, thats’ totally up to you.

From my own testing I was able to maintain the Demon Spikes buff ~ 40 - 50% changing the 'click pause from 6 seconds to 8.5 seconds … this would of course be different depending how much haste you have … the more the lower the CD so … we’ll see

my demon spikes never hit zero is it supposed to? sorry kinda a nooby player =p i usually spam every cool down when i play lol

uh … either your fights are shorter than 8.5 seconds or your GSE MS isn’t in sync with your AHK/Corsair/Logitech MS speed which will cause it to fire all weird if at all

omg ive been using gs for a while i never knew about this feature lol
i’m using 10press/secord (razer) so i guess 100ms