Bareable GSE3 Guardian macro

Afternoon all, after the recent change in GSE and the loss of so many players to the expansion, Iv struggled to find a macro that suited my needs as before. Using this site and many other creators macros (@Leavaris , @admin1 , @Bam ) Iv managed to compile something ( These lads will probs cry in laughter when they see it lol ) that works efficiently for me.


Running this macro at 100ms, It keeps ironfur up near 100%, uses barksin on CD, modifiers for Stampeding Roar, Survival Instincts, and Frenzied Regen.

Thrash and mangle used on CD, moonfire reapplied with little drop between.

Iv seen a lot of the guardian posts include members complaining of not being able to snap and hold aggro. Your pull should never start with the macro running, as a Bear, if your 2.6k arcane mage and 2.5k fury warrior dont understand you, they will rip aggro off you all day long, you need to collect and open with thrash, swipe, swipe, thrash, then spend time during thrash and mangle procs applying moonfire to your targets once aggro is maintained, I also use the UFR Legendary for those extra thrash procs and shield it provides. If you are a Venthyr bear like me, popping your CDS and on uses with incarn renders the macro useless on big trash pulls, you literally have 1 job during this 3min CD window , and that is to spam thrash as fast as your fingers will let you, dump the extra rage gained on ironfurs.

As for Weak Auras, I use a few I made myself, other than the generic raid ability timers and co tank auras ect, I use a WA to track my Rav Frenzy window, my Ironfur uptime and stacks, and my shield gained from legendary.

Give it a whirl peeps and let me know what you think.

I will give it a shot and let you know, playing my bear again since i saw they will be releasing the fel bear skin. I have to pick that up :slight_smile:

HaHa, fingers crossed for good scaling on it lol

Awesome work! Which talents do you use?

U think this would work on PvP?

Well I leveled to 60, it works like a charm so far. Now to gear up and get into mythic plus :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late reply bud only just seen this I run this in mythic plus as a Venthyr Bear running UFR legendary.

And for raiding I switch out this , running natures order on healing intensive fights to help the healers out, or draught of deep focus when cat weaving to punch out some more damage. Obviously running three set blood shard bonus in raids.

Gear and stats wise , were quite lucky with bears, as the well known dudu discord saying goes, Defensively debatable, Offensively simmable … basically ILVL + AGI > all secondaries. Trinkets wise, depending on the content your running, I run Jotun spear from SOD with RDM/Shard trinkets from SOD for heavy damage fights, or when wanting to throw down some more DPS I use Phial trinket. And some dungeons in Myth+ I run RDM with Scale. Depends what your happy to have as an “on use”

Hey Bear

Ive used your macro and its Working very good.

Are you using it for Single and AOE Tanking.

Or do you use another Macro for Group Tanking.

Iv been using th ursoc legy.


Hey bud, when I have incarn and rav frenzy free, I pop CDs and spam thrash manually and top up ironfurs manually, other than that, I run in pulling with thrash and then firing the macro off on any other packs, once iv gained aggro, I then click between mobs to spread moonfire about.