Base spell issue - Holy priest (Holy Fire vs Mind Blast)


I think that I found an error in the Base spell.

If in the GSE interface I put “Holy fire” is converted to “Mind Blast” that it’s not in my spellbook (only shadow)

  • Detonazione Mentale is Mind Blast in Italian
  • Fuoco Sacro is Holy Fire


/run print(GetSpellInfo(“Detonazione Mentale”))
Fuoco Sacro nil 135972 1350 0 40 14914


/run print(GetSpellInfo(14914))
Fuoco Sacro nil 135972 1350 0 40 14914

so I think that the relationship should be on the other side.

The effect that I have it’s that in my macro as holy (look like) that I can’t cast Holy Fire. (look like that if I put the spell id instead of the name is working (while is still converted to the wrong string)

Let’s me know if you need more information.

You also need to run another API call after you get the ID.

/run print(GetBaseSpellByID())

This is documented in Two most asked questions: Base Spells and Macro locks

But how it works, if a spell doesn’t have a base spell it will return nothing. If it does it will return a different ID. If this is the case GSE stores what this second call returns otherwise it stores the original ID from GetSpellInfo.

/run print(GetBaseSpellByID(14914))
return nothing.

the post you linked is where I took this information.

What is not clear to me is why if the base is Holy Fire (while I’m in holy) is converted to Mind Blast. according to what you explain in the linked post should the vice-versa. So in shadow, I would see Holy Fire instead of Mind Blast.

but really seems only cosmetic stuff, at the end the macro is working also in holy.

I thought the Disc version was the base spell. But the point that matters is that somehow WoW casts the correct spell for the spec you are in which is the intent.

I’m still trying to find a way to show the cosmetic side but it’s working out to be a PITA. The whole point of this is so that macros work between languages. If your playing in Italian and have /cast Mind Blast in your macro it won’t work. The line needs to be in your language but you can’t get the id of a spell you don’t know.

This is also complicated that theoretically, you can edit (or create) the macro while you are in another spec…

what about having a switch button that can change the edit box to show the ID instead of the name? in this way you can check what you are using.

I’m using elvui and the hovering show me the spell ID in my GUI.

There is an API call that shows, given the ID, the spell name in your current spec? If yes maybe you can add into the GUI a small utility box where the player can put the spell ID and get the name.

my 2 cents

As I said I am working on it however it takes time of which between 3 jobs and actually trying to play there is not a lot of.

Ofc I’m not pretending anything, you are doing a great job and I really appreciate it.