Basic early mage (TBC) using TL's new variables

The variables now allowed on GSE3 is just simply amazing…
I had been feeling that i was missing some extra dps when Fire Blast (And possibly others) was not getting used on trash and dungeon bosses as much as i wanted. So on reading TimothyLukes’s post on the subject, i just tried a few things with the basic mage macro i threw together in 2019 and still use today.
I added Fire Blast as a variable with /use 13/14 and cast Combustion and found it was a considerable dps increase (there must be an easier way to code it) , punching above my weight even more than i usually do without trying. I think variables will be amazing when everyone decides to play with it properly. Fire Blast now will automatically cast if the target is in range and is off cooldown. I also added Counterspell as more than half of the adds are casters.
Enjoy and play with it.
I have a FrostFire spec which kicks ass. It has improved Blizzard for cc and Icy Veins for further dps increase (2/41/14) lvl66.



Talents: CLASSIC

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.33.