Basic Macro for ALL DK - Blood - UH - Frost

Hello everyone, this is my first post in this community, and I’ve been using GSE for about a month now. Mostly everyone starts copying macros and using them. But since the prepatch I’ve been looking at how they work (since we’ve got soo few).

Since Macros are dependant on builds and now even what lvl your skills are, everyone needs to at least change something in a macro they get. So I will give you a starter macro that works for every spec of the Death Knight Class.

NOTE: FOR THIS TO WORK YOU NEED GLYPH OF DISEASE. Everyone uses it, get yours. :smiley:

Every Death Knigt, should start applying diseases, and even Tanks will be using Icy Touch as opener. So

/castsequence reset=combat Icy Touch, Plague Strike, none, ,

works well if we follow it with:

For Unholy and Frost:

/castsequence reset=combat Blood Strike, Pestilence

For Blood:

/castsequence reset=combat Blood Boil, Pestilence

This way we get to keep the diseases for the combat duration

And then we’ve got choices. Since both castsequence will use 1 frost rune, 1 uh rune and 2 blood runes. We’ve got 1 frost rune and 1 uh rune left.

so we follow it with a simple /cast rotation that will leave blood runes from the second sequence alone (since that one won’t deactivate like the first one)

So for UH and Blood we use:

/cast Death Strike
/cast Rune Strike

and then we can add another block with

/cast Death Coil

And for Frost we might wanna use obliterate instead

/cast Death Strike(Rank 2)
/cast Rune Strike

and then we can add another block with

/cast Frost Strike

Finally, after 1 complete rotation of this macro, you get to use your abilities as you see fit, either keep spamming it and just throw something like Gnaw, Gargoyle, Ghoul Frenzy if Unholy. Rime and Chains of Ice if Frost, and Either tons of blood boils or more icy touches if you’re Blood. It will also let you use skills like Death and Decay and the rotation will simply take longer since the second sequence just uses blood runes, but be carefull here not to lose diseases if you lack a rune for pestilence

This isn’t meant as a just click this macro, but it will work like that if you so choose. Both Unholy and Frost must make desitions to increase their dps, so it should help you learn the class. Blood is just super easy and you can just spam this and have some emergency macros, but don’t expect to be tanking raids with this, for that you need more icy touches and less self healings.

NOTE2: You need your diseases, if you see that the first sequence stopped and mobs don’t have 1 or both, you probably clicked it while in CD or missed either a spell or a hit or didn’t use pestilence in time, so have hotkeys with both icy touch and plague strike available.

Finally, I’ll be leaving the unholy macro I’m using following what was explained before, but remember, it has my skill ranks, I’m lvl 69 and not 70. So it won’t work if you do not change the (Rank #) of every skill in it.


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how much do you use in MS?

I have no idea what you mean by that. I do not use any kind of autoclicker. I manually do my own clicks. As said in the post, its not meant to be a just press this button (unless target has really no hp), I do other stuff too, it gives versatility