Bear dps is possible?

Not sure if it can be done, but can someone make and post a bear dps macro?

Along with talents associated with the macro.

Have you tried making one?

Honestly wouldn’t even know where to start. I wanna leave it up to someone who knows what they are doing.

Basically, I wanna use bear form when doing WQs or outdoor content. I wanna be able to take the damage as well as do the damage. A true one button macro if possible.

Have you tried any of the macros already posted?

I use Viktris one button Bear macro for all content. Raid, M+, Open World, etc.

With CD’s(fired manually-Incarn and that one minute one) you can rip up anything in game if you are geared enough.

Both Crypt’s and Izzi’s are very good. I play with WM on so I swapped out some of the abilities to be more PVP orientated.

I actually went with Viktris one button Bear macro, it’s pretty good.