Beast hunter 6.02 pvp macro / use as you will macro :)

Hi been experimenting,and have come up with this macro :slight_smile:
Been away for a while so im only just gearing up
anyway explanation of the macro…
This is based on a post on icy viens…and this is what it does…

Our rotation for BM is almost entirely unchanged, the only thing is that we don't have to manage Serpent Sting at all anymore so there's very little to worry about.

The priority is:

Kill Command
Kill Shot
Focus Fire (Under the circumstances covered below)
Arcane Shot
Cobra Shot

Focus Fire should be used outside of Bestial Wrath when:

Bestial Wrath has 10+ seconds left on it's cooldown.
Nothing else with a higher priority is available.

Focus Fire should be used inside of Bestial Wrath when:

You have < 20 focus.
Bestial Wrath has at least 3 seconds left.
Nothing else with a higher priority is available.

Reasoning behind saving Focus Fire for Bestial Wrath is because your pet will benefit more from the haste inside of it than you will. If you set it up properly you will be casting Arcane Shot exclusively which renders haste entirely pointless.

The reason you’d want to cast Focus Fire inside of Bestial Wrath is when you can’t get another Arcane Shot in, and you would be using a Cobra Shot. Using Focus Fire will give your pet a surge of Focus taking advantage of the double damage basic attack. If you cast it with < 3 seconds left on Bestial Wrath you run the risk of your pet not using it within Bestial Wrath, because basic attack (Claw/Bite/Smack) have a 3 second cooldown.

So this macro will build the focus stack to 5,and then wait until bestial wrath is off cooldown and then use the 5 stack when bestial wrath fires off.
Glaive toss is replaced with barrage…works well
Found useing castrandom can be used quite well too…(This is a personal thing of mine,remove them if you want…but counter shot will help stop spells,concussive shot,will slow them down,tranquilizing shot…can remove that shield on that pesky mage or priest :slight_smile: )
Kill shot will and does work…
Needs Dire beast too.



Nothing special

MAJOR- Camouflage,liberation,explosive trap
MINOR- Revive pet,fetch,aspect of cheetah

Macro is binded to middle mouse key…just press away :slight_smile:

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/castsequence=Bestial Wrath,nil
/cast intimidation
/castsequence reset=20 !Kill Command,Arcane Shot,Cobra Shot,Cobra Shot,cobra shot,arcane shot,cobra shot,kill command,barrage
/castsequence reset=40 bestial wrath,!focus fire,dire beast
/castrandom counter shot,concussive shot,tranquilizing shot,!kill shot
/castrandom !kill shot,!kill shot
/cast dire beast

OHH the numbers for the castsequence resets…probably they dont need to be so high,
but bestial wrath one is 40 seconds…( im pretty new to this.)
But this has work fine for me…ive mainly used it in pvp…maybe it will work in pve too…
Numbers wise…not really applicable as my ilevel is low…see how it works for you. :slight_smile:
Be gentle with me…if this does not work for you…:slight_smile: it should but who knows :slight_smile:


Found a spirit cat works best …in ferocity :slight_smile: